Friday, 16 November 2012

My quit smoking diary.

I decided to make a blog of my progress along the journey of giving up smoking because at the time of writing this I am fighting desperately to beat a major craving and I needed something to do with my hands and take my mind of the smoking.

On a positive note, there are no cigarettes in the building so I would need to walk a good mile to get hold of some.

I read somewhere that most cravings are no longer than three minutes and this seems to be the case with me as I am now feeling a lot more in control than I was a few paragraphs back :)

The time is 12:20pm 16th November 2012 and it is 26hrs and 50mins since I had my last and final cigarette after 40 years of smoking on average 30 a day.

Follow my progress and please join in with your comments if you are trying to quit or have quit and just need some support.

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