Sunday, 18 November 2012

End of Day 4

Well it's almost the end of day four, it's been another day of cravings, im so glad i don't live too close to the store, there are times today when I would have bought some, having said that, earlier in the day I was out and about and called into the store to get some milk and the thought of buying cigarettes never even entered my head??? Strange but hey, if its part of the cure...

 Still coughing lots of dark horrible tar, been for a 3 mile walk and a 5 mile bike rideilline day, i can really feel the difference already with my breathing, its so encouraging.
Well i'm expecting another wrestless night but these should be coming to an end soon, even more so though, i'm looking forward to waking up to day 5 and not wanting a cigarette :)

I am amazed at how well i am doing I wish I had really tried to do this many years ago, I did prepare for this but only for a few days beforehand.

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